Quick SEO – Title Tag Best Practice Tips

1. Ensure the full description is visible in the search results by considering the length.

The recommended title tag length is usually between 50-60 characters to avoid truncation. A useful resource for checking this is the Moz Title Tag section which also includes a useful preview tool. Its recommended once your page is crawled and indexed do some quick manual checks across both desktop and mobile device types. To check the mobile device results you can also use Google chrome developer tool within the Google chrome browser. On the Google search results page right click and choose inspect > click the toggle device toolbar icon and choose a test device, if you have already submitted your search you will likely need to refresh.

2. Consider the search volume

It’s important to consider the search volume to ensure you are targeting the correct search queries. The easiest way to access the search volumes is through the Google Ads keyword planner tool, this usually requires a logged in Adwords account to view the more accurate search volume information rather than just brackets. Use discover new keywords and enter the landing page topic as an initial keyword. You should also consider the competitiveness of your target keywords if you are a newer less established site it’s recommended to focus on moderate or low competitive keywords.

seo services keyword data - google keyword planner

3. Use a unique title across each key page and ensure its relevant.

Ensure each of your key organic landing pages contain a unique targeted title tag thats highly relevant to the general topic of the page contents otherwise it will likely not perform.

brown seo unique title tag examples

4. Include a strong call to action (CTA) where possible

A strong call to action (CTA) can support a healthy click through rate (CTR) which is an important part of converting organic impressions into clicks and site sessions, improvements to a pages organic click through rate can be monitored overtime through the Google search console performance data.

A good call to action example would be as follows:
– X% off your first order
– Try for free!
– Claim your free trial
– Sign up now

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