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Google explains that the content found around links is used as a secondary source, the link anchor text is still primary

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My Take : This is useful content from Google as its always been understood that the context around a link was used to better understand the link and its value, however its good to know that the anchor text is the still the primary source of information. This means that its still more important than ever to optimise your internal link anchor text and avoid linking text such as ‘click here’ or ‘find out more’. This also means that it’s important to continue to optimise the image alt text attributes when the image contains a link. This also means that a good internal linking strategy will continue to play an important part in the sites organic search performance.

Potential Google algorithm update may of been a Google selected canonical bug

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My Take : The SEO community was nervous about a potential algorithm update seen around 15th – 19th September and September 23rd. Below is an overview of the rank ranger suite trends. Google potential update data from rank ranger However many SEOs have come forward with details on unexpected canonical pages being selected. I could see this being the potential cause as this would cause big fluctuations in rankings and performance depending on the number of sites and queries impacted. So far this has not been confirmed but I expect Google to confirm this in the coming days.

This is similar to a confirmed issue from April 2019 (

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