There are several key areas offered as part of my freelance SEO services including:

Full SEO Strategy

Full freelance SEO services utilising reliable digital marketing strategies to build organic traffic and rankings. A complete SEO strategy will be planned and implemented based on current organic visibility, site performance, keyword targeting potential and backlink profile. A unique strategy would be required for every domain based on a reliable foundation. This combines the key elements of an effective seo strategy, research & planning, onpage-seo, technical SEO, content, audience and usability conditions, offsite SEO/link building.

Technical Site Review

A full technical SEO review of your site will be carried out to look at every technical error that is hindering performance and to ensure the fundamentals meet the latest standards. Some of the issues included will look at include Metadata targeting, pagespeed, duplicate content, response errors, internal linking & URL structure, structured data and more.

Onpage Optimisation

It's important to identify key insights and opportunities available based on current keyword targeting, available search volumes and potential performance. This will improve traffic and genrate additional revenue.

Keyword Research

Keyword research will form the foundation of the campaign to understand how your prospective customers are searching for your products and services. This process will be critical to uncover other searches and queries that people make that implies they might have a need for your products and services.


At the beginning of each month you will recieve all of the important data to help monitor how the campaign is progressing. This includes ranking updates, traffic performance, campaign KPIs, conversions and an overview of the months work carried out.

Analytics & Performance Analysis

It's important to identify key insights and opportunities available from a number of tools and sources based on current and potential performance to improve traffic and genrate additional revenue. Information gained from Google Search Console (GSC) & Google Analytics (GA) is critical for the success of the campaign

Specialist Projects

Site Migrations

Careful planning of a migation is critical to avoid incurring loss of traffic and revenue. This includes platform changes, site restuctures, domain migrations and major design updates

Penalty Recovery

Manual penalty recovery and Google reconsideration request process

User Experience Analysis and A/B Testing

Site user data analysis and A/B testing will help to make decisions that improve the user experience and associated metrics which are a critical part of an seo strategy, insights can have a direct impact on engagement and conversions.

Loss Of Traffic or Rankings

Recovery from loss of traffic and rankings can be difficult. Its important to identify the issues, remedy and restore the website to old levels as quickly as possible to any avoid significant impact.

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An Introduction to Me

I’m James and I’m a freelance SEO consultant and technical seo specialist gaining 10+ years of experience. I’ve worked on all size of site projects from a range of recognisable brands to smaller startups.

I’ve delivered business-changing organic results for companies in industries such as automotive, gaming, finance, fashion, industrial and many more.

I pride myself on my well rounded and strong understanding of all the important areas of a successful SEO campaign including technical, user experience (UX), link building and content marketing.

I would consider my technical SEO knowledge & experience, data analysis & interpretation, adaptiveness and problem solving abilities to be my key strengths but have a keen interest in all areas including paid search and conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

I’m currently in the process of building my freelance SEO/portfolio website. I have only recently opened up to additional freelance based on opportunities I think are a good match Please find some additional details on experience and SEO software used on my about profile or FAQ's below.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO is a process of building a sites search engine visibility which generates traffic from the organic search engine results. A successful SEO strategy usually realies on four key areas On-site Optimisation, Technical, Content and Off-site/links.

This is completely dependant on the current state of the site, target market and goals set as part of the strategy. Significant growth would usually require 3-6 months, however if those early results are important quick win strategies can be planned and discussed.

Using a freelance consultant is considerably cheaper and you would still gain the high level of quality needed based on the level of experience. You would also have full contact and direct support from that expert and always know who is working on the project, however an agency is recommended for larger scale projects and budgets.

Improving organic visibility should always be the long term future proof strategy. Paid visibility is useful for building quick traffic and instant results but can be expensive over long periods.

Working with a UK business is usually a little easier to allow face to face opportunities, but I do consider international sites and projects that are the right fit for both sides.

I would usually only tend to work on smaller projects due to the time for freelancing I have available. I prefer to be hands on with smaller projects to be able to work on every aspect of the seo campaign to add the most value. Larger projects around £4,000+ per month would usually require a wider team of experts working in different areas simultaneously and I could recommend an exceptional agency solution for large campaigns.

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